Caring For the Cemetery Over the Years


Care of the cemetery has evolved from each family’s taking care of its own plots, to someone living close taking care of keeping the area free of debris and mowed as volunteers could be found, to hiring mowers as long as the donations could support mowing.

The collection of donations during Decoration, however, continued until failing health of family patriarchs ended the on site collection, and a dedicated group of volunteers began a letter writing campaign to solicit donations for the maintenance of the cemetery. Over time different individuals were paid from the collected funds to mow the grounds.

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Where We Are Today

As time passed, it became apparent that a more formal, organized effort was needed. There was income from the sale of plots in conjunction with the Mulkey-Mason Funeral Home, with whom we have enjoyed a long and close relationship. Individual donations arriving near the date of Decoration were also a source of income for the cemetery.

A formal association was formed with a Board of Directors, Bylaws, and an annual general meeting set to occur annually on the last Monday of April. Anyone who has a loved one buried in the cemetery is a member of the Flower Mound Cemetery Association.

As written on the historical marker, dedicated in 2003, the Flower Mound Cemetery, “remains a link to the generations of residents who contributed to Flower Mound’s rich history.”

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