Rules & Policies

Rules & Guidelines

  • Placement of any obstruction that prevents mowing will be considered an indication by the owners that they will personally care for the lot(s). If the lot(s) become unsightly, overgrown and/ or detract from the overall appearance of the cemetery, such items will be removed after a reasonable attempt to contact the owners.
  • Faded/ wilted flowers will be removed in January, June and September.
  • In the east section, grave markers must be no more than 1” above ground.
  • The Cemetery Association is not responsible for any damage to personal property left in the cemetery.
  • The Cemetery Association Board retains sole authority to approve any cosmetic changes to the cemetery.
  • There will be no glass products of any type allowed in the cemetery.
  • All members of the Association ( lot owners ) are encouraged to help maintain the cemetery by removing/ replacing flowers in a timely manner, disposing of any trash around their lot(s), and by adhering to these rules and guidelines.

Annual Meeting

We hold a General Membership meeting annually on the Monday following Decoration Day, the last Sunday in April at 6:30. The meeting is held at Flower Mound Presbyterian Church.

Directions to Flower Mound Presbyterian Church